School Counselors’ Best Practices Meetings

Elementary and middle school counselors across the District met to share best practices and learn from their peers.

The middle school counselors’ best practices meeting took place at the end of February and featured peer-led presentations about increasing parent engagement, program evaluation, classroom lesson interventions, and data.  Lara Salzman (Hightower Trail Middle School) and Cindy Jackson (Mabry Middle School) shared their expertise on creating opportunities for parents to stay engaged with their students through the middle school years.  Wendy Sherer (McClure Middle School) provided an exemplar example how she used data to evaluate an aspect of her school counseling program.  Lauren McAfee and Cayce Pope (Daniell Middle School) led a discussion with their peers about how they can increase their time with students through classroom interventions.  The Griffin Middle School counseling team (Julia Richardson, Stella Cress, Cheryl McFadden, and Taisa Turner) also came to discuss how using data and achieving the RAMP (Recognized ASCA Model Program) designation has changed their work with students.

The elementary school counselors’ best practices meeting took place at the beginning of March.  Elementary school counselors were able to rotate through five different presentations from their CCSD school counseling peers.  Mark Baker (Arygle Elementary School) was asked to present his immense knowledge and skill related to community collaboration.  Jennifer Susko (Mableton Elementary School) shared about the importance of being mindful when selecting books in classroom lessons; School counselors should chose books that represent the diversity of their student population.  Stephanie Dockery and Mary Roycroft (Bells Ferry Elementary School) showcased their exemplar closing-the-gap intervention from last year; In support of Bells Ferry’s school-wide goal to increase student achievement, the school counselors implemented classroom lessons and small groups related to growth mindset.  Tanya Obaidullah (Sanders Elementary School) showed her fellow school counselors some technology tips and tricks to help them be more efficient.  Carrie Jones (McCall Primary School) and Dr. Missy Bradley-Johnson (formerly of McCall Primary School and currently at Still Elementary School) told the group about their success in winning a Cobb Shark Tank grant last year to create the Aspiration Station at McCall Primary, which combines play therapy with career development.

High school counselors will have their best practices meeting in April.

Melisa Marsh, Supervisor
School Counseling

Alexandra Huguelet, Consultant
School Counseling

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