Cobb Project Soapbox Student Voice Showcase

Cobb’s First Annual Project Soapbox Student Voice Showcase held at Campbell High School.

Over 120 elementary and middle school students from Cobb County School District demonstrated their civic awareness and engagement at the first annual Project Soapbox at Campbell High School last month. The youth-driven civic engagement event called on area youth to speak out on issues that affect them and their communities. The Soapbox showcase included students from 13 schools in Cobb County School District— Barber Middle, Campbell Middle, Compton Elementary, East Cobb Middle, Griffin Middle, Lindley Sixth Grade Academy, Lost Mountain Middle, Pitner Elementary, Simpson Middle, Smyrna Elementary, Tapp Middle, Teasley Elementary and Tritt Elementary.


Students got on their “soapbox” to answer the question: “What is the most pressing issue facing young people today, why is it important, and what should be done to address it?” In order to advance and participate in the day’s event, each of the students, grades K through 8, delivered their speeches in classroom showcases to their peers and teachers.


Students’ soapbox topics ran the gamut – from mental health to poverty to environmental issues and everything in between – but all speeches included powerful combinations of passion, research and personal stories about themselves or their loved ones. The larger stage of the regional showcase was a unique opportunity for students to experience speaking to a large audience and to have their voices heard beyond their classrooms.



The Cobb County Social Studies Department partnered with the Mikva Challenge organization to host the showcase.  Mikva Challenge is a nonpartisan organization that develops youth to be empowered, informed, and active citizens who will promote a just and equitable society.


Trudy Delhey, Supervisor
Social Studies

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