Updates to Resource Library!

CTLS Teach Resource Library has rolled out to all teachers in the Cobb County School District.  Teachers throughout the system now have access to over 465,000 Cobb vetted and approved content for students, teachers, and parents.  The Resource Library functions much like favored internet shopping sites where teachers can search for desired resources. Those resources can be curated into “collections” that can be shared with other teachers and even students with a simple link.  Teachers can also search for resources by criteria as general as subject area and as granular as content standard strand.

The Resource Library is always evolving with updates and additions occurring every day.  The newest list of enhancements to the platform include:

  • Newsela & Newsela Social Emotional Content-8,130 resources added to support grades 2-12 of high-interest news and nonfiction articles at five different levels of complexity
  • Common Lit Content-1,645 resources added to support literacy development for students in grades 3-12
  • Lexile Levels- you can now search by Lexile Levels which is a unique measurement process used to evaluate reading ability and text complexity
  • Accessibility filters-Content accessibility is the design of products for people with disabilities, such as hearing or vision impaired

Stacey Buckalew, Supervisor
Digital Transformation Team

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