165 New Teacher Leaders Graduated

Jennifer Lawson addressed the audience of over 400 teacher leaders, principals and guests at the 2019 Teacher Leader Academy Graduation Ceremony April 9th.

Cobb County School District is proud to announce the graduation of 165 new leaders from the Teacher Leader Academy Class of 2019 on April 9th at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church.  Music was provided courtesy of the Hillgrove High School Jazz Band.  Distinguished speakers included CCSD Chief Academic Officer Mrs. Jennifer Lawson, Academic Division Assistant Superintendents Dr. Tracie Doe and Mrs. Kelly Metcalfe, and Instruction and Innovative Practice Director Dr. Felicia Angelle.

The upcoming Teacher Leader Class of 2020 supported their graduating colleagues and had a preview of their exciting year to come.  There are 195 new Teacher Leaders in this class from 63 schools across the district.

Dawn Hudson, Supervisor
Professional Learning, Instruction & Innovative Practice

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