Cobb Science Students Shine at GSEF

The 71st Georgia Science & Engineering Fair, also known as GSEF, was held in Athens, Georgia on March 28-30th.

This year, many Cobb students took the initiative to conduct original scientific research and compete in their local school science fair. Winning projects from local schools advanced to the Cobb/Paulding Regional Science Fair, held on February 6th. Outstanding projects from the regional fair proceeded to GSEF, where Cobb students exhibited their amazing research over the course of three days. Many students were recognized with special awards and honors; congratulations to these winners, and to each and every Cobb exhibitor at GSEF.



Georgia Science and Engineering Fair Grand Award 

GSEF Best in Category Chemistry- Senior Division

Yale Science and Engineering Association Award

Sara Makboul- “Predicting Thermodynamic Properties of Carcinogenic Acrylamide”

Kennesaw Mountain High School


GSEF Best in Category Biomedical Engineering- Junior Division

GSEF Outstanding 7th Grade Project

GSEF Student Choice – Never Would Have Thought Of

Broadcom Masters Nominee

Kahliya Clayton, Lana Das, and Misha Patel- “Pacifood”

Dodgen Middle School


UGA Mathematics Department Award- Senior Division

GSEF Best in Category Mathematics- Senior Division

Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Award

Dorian Kidonakis- “Gaussian Distributions and the Geometry of Sections of the Cube”

Kennesaw Mountain High School


Regional Fair ISEF Trip Winner – Cobb/Paulding Regional Fair

Society for In Vitro Biology Award

Stephen Litt- “Phase IV: The Effect of EGCG on Breast and Cervical Carcinomas”

Kennesaw Mountain High School


Biophysics Award

Bill Sun- “Machine Learning for Stress Analysis in Heart Valve Design”

Walton High School


Georgia Society of Professional Engineers Best Use of Engineering Skills – Senior Division 

Noah Martin- “Deployable Ballistic Resistant Shield”

Harrison High School 


Naval Science Award- Senior Division

Noah Martin- “Deployable Ballistic Resistant Shield”

Harrison High School


Tellus’ Future Science Stars Award

Romil Mehta- “Eco-Friendly Electromagnetic Maglev Train”

Dodgen Middle School


Tellus’ Future Science Stars Award- Alternate

Cambridge Mack- “Which of These Four Natural Purifiers Is Best?”

Griffin Middle School



 First Honors

Lana Das, Kahliya Clayton, Misha Patel- Dodgen Middle School

James Davis- Dickerson Middle School

Pooja Kanyadan- Dodgen Middle School

Emir Tali- Dickerson Middle School



 First Honors

Sara Makboul- Kennesaw Mountain High School

Second Honors

Dorian Kidonakis- Kennesaw Mountain High School

Noah Martin- Harrison High School

Third Honors

Dimitrios Kidonakis- Kennesaw Mountain High School

Stephen Litt- Kennesaw Mountain High School

Fourth Honors

Safi Ahmed- Walton High School

Destiny Kluck- Kennesaw Mountain High School

Bill Sun- Walton High School

Christian Cali, Supervisor

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