Grades K-2 Learning Activity – Day 6

Summer is here and Chenita is at camp. Each day at the camp follows the same schedule. Read about Chenita’s morning at camp and see if you can answer the questions that follow.

Chenita’s Schedule

8:00 A.M.: Morning meeting for half an hour.

Arts and crafts follow the morning meeting. The session lasts 45 minutes. Swimming lessons are after arts and crafts. Chenita’s group swims for 1 hour.

10:15: Snack in the cafeteria. Snack time lasts for 15 minutes.

Sports for 1 hour.

After sports is lunchtime. Chenita eats lunch for half an hour.

After lunch, the campers meet for 30 minutes to talk about their morning at camp. Then it’s time to go home.


  • What time does Chenita begin arts and crafts?

  • What time do swimming lessons begin?

  • What time is snack time over?

  • What time does lunch begin?

  • What time do the campers head home?

  • How long is Chenita’s day at camp?

Summer 2019

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