Celebrating Trusted Adults

Strong student-staff relationships result in students feeling connected and supported at school.

Mabry Middle School students got the opportunity this March to recognize their trusted adults in the school building.  Every student named their trusted adult at school, and posted them in a display at the school for all to see.  Everywhere you look at Mabry, there is a trusted adult.

A trusted adult is someone the student feels they can go to when they are experiencing difficult emotions or navigating complicated situations.  Students may need a trusted adult when they are feeling sad, worried, or overwhelmed.  Trusted adults are a resource in helping student process, brainstorm, solve problems, and find appropriate help to overcome their challenges.  The concept of trusted adults is presented to students through the Sources of Strength program in which many of our middle and high schools participate.

Sources of Strength at Mabry Middle School is coordinated by school counselor, Scenna Noellert.  A team of students helps her implement Sources of Strength.  They meet approximately twice a month before school.  This year, their focus has been to work on specific issues the students felt were affecting their student body at each grade level.  In 6th grade, the students saw that the use of cell phones during the school day was contributing to negative behaviors and feelings among the students; In 7th grade, the students decided to focus on creating a climate of inclusion among students by targeting cliques; While in 8th grade, the students determined that positive coping skills would be taught and reinforced to impact the number of their fellow students that were choosing to vape as a coping strategy.


Melisa Marsh, Supervisor
School Counseling

Alexandra Huguelet, Consultant
School Counseling

Scenna Noellert, School Counselor at Mabry Middle School

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