Griffin Middle School Celebrates Community and Black History Month

Griffin’s Black History Month Celebration was held the last Tuesday in February.  The night featured a performance by the Griffin Middle School orchestra, and students and teachers were provided the opportunity showcase their unique talents through singing, dancing, and monologue. The night was filled with joy and excitement, gathering a crowd of nearly 250 parents and teachers.



The night was capped off by providing those in attendance with samplings of various African American dishes. This successful occasion has helped perpetuate the remembrance of African American history and has now become a staple in the Griffin Middle School community.


The event was planned and organized by our phenomenal coaches, Rockette Anderson and Roderick Langston.








Tiffany Honore´, Director
Title I

Delores Thompson, Supervisor
Title I

Natalie Hutchins, Supervisor
Engage I

Contributing Author: Laura Franco, Title I District Academic Coach

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