Tritt River Kids Earn School of Georgia State Award

Third grade Target students and their teachers were honored for their service and involvement in Georgia’s Rivers Alive program.


Target students in several Cobb County schools participate in a service learning opportunity focused on stewardship of our waterways. The Cobb Watershed Stewardship Program partners with these schools to provide training and resources. Students learn about water, rivers, protecting resources, and environmental stewardship while also monitoring a neighborhood stream. They conduct chemical, biological, temperature, velocity, and visual assessments, collect and analyze data, and report the data to Georgia Adopt-A-Stream.

Tritt’s third grade Target students, or River Kids, annually monitor nearby Chimney Springs Creek. They conduct monthly tests on the creek, analyze data, and reflect on their findings. This year’s River Kids, along with their teachers, Ms. Neal and Mrs. Walker, were honored on April 23 for their service and involvement in Georgia’s Rivers Alive program.

As in past years, the students, teachers, and parents organized and participated in two cleanups for Rivers Alive, the largest volunteer clean-up program in the state. Tritt’s fall, 2018 cleanup focused on the lake in Chimney Springs neighborhood. In two days, students removed 14 bags of debris weighing 65 pounds. They discovered commonly discarded items such as plastic bottles and food wrappers along with some unusual ones, including an old and heavy neighborhood sign. The most common item located was a tennis ball; students found 41 of them.

Congratulations to Tritt’s River Kids, Ms. Neal, and Mrs. Walker on your State of Georgia School Award!

Sarah Kessel, Supervisor
K-12 Advanced Learning

Contributing Author: Angela Wilson, Consultant

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