CCSD School Psychologists as Researchers/Interventionists

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) held their 2019 annual conference in Atlanta. Eight of CCSD’s  49 school psychologists presented original research or practitioner conversations about interventions implemented in Cobb County School District with colleagues from the United States and several other countries.

Ilisha Auld (Frey, Lewis), Sara McCullough (Cheatham Hill, McEachern), Tara Segassie (Kennesaw, Big Shanty), Kristen Snell (Ford, Pickett’s Mill, Pine Mountain), Andrea Bacon (Dickerson, Preschool), and Caitlin Munroe (intern) described a school-based social-emotional learning intervention they implemented with CCSD kindergarten students.

Tatiana Sosa (Hollydale, Birney, Osborne) presented her doctoral research on Latina high school students’ perception of body image.

Michelle Washington (Green Acres, Milford) presented research on how grant funding can enhance school psychology training programs as part of her role coordinating a grant at Georgia State University that includes CCSD interns.

Jo Saint (Hayes, Harrison) presented on bullying, PBIS, and creating inclusive schools for LGBTQ students.

Dr. Tatiana Sosa presenting at NASP

Michelle Washington (R) and fellow GSU student present at NASP


Christy Jaffe, Supervisor
Psychological Services

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