Two QuestBridge Scholars from the Campbell IB Magnet Program





Campbell Magnet Students Earn Prestigious Scholarship


Since 2004, the QuestBridge Scholars Program has been able to connect high-achieving students with some of the most selective and prestigious universities and colleges in the United States. A QuestBridge Scholarship is a true “full ride” award, paying for all of a student’s expenses over four years. As a result, high schools across the nation are thrilled to have even one student selected as a QuestBridge Scholar in any given year—this year, however, Campbell High School saw two of its seniors selected as recipients of this impressive and life-changing award.

Kajla Miller, a student in the CHS International Baccalaureate magnet program, will be using her scholarship to attend the University of Chicago, where she plans to study humanities as her first step toward a career as a lawyer. Kwame Ampadu-Boateng—also an IB magnet student—will be attending Vanderbilt University as QuestBridge Scholar to major in Computer Science. Both of these students are outstanding members of the Campbell High School class of 2019, and we are proud they were selected for this incredible and rare opportunity.

Sarah Kessel, Supervisor
K-12 Advanced Learning

Contributing Author: Andrew Kutscher, Consultant

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