New Interactive Playground unveiled at Brumby Elementary

Brumby Elementary unveiled their new LU DUO Interactive Playground.

Brumby will be the ONLY school in Georgia with the DUO system, there are two UNO systems currently – one in Gwinnett County and one in Walker County. This is a wonderful addition to their new school campus which just opened this year.

The system was demonstrated by both staff and students. The system combines academics and exercise in a way that is engaging both mentally and physically and socially.

About the Lu System:
The LU DUO Interactive Playground help educators foster smart and curious children. The LU DUO Interactive Playground engages their intelligence and learning styles using compelling activities, tools and immersive experiences.

The LU DUO Interactive Playground believes a sound body can lead to a sound mind. LU DUO Interactive Playground supports health, sports, fitness and physical education leading to a quality active lifestyle.

The LU DUO Interactive Playground can be a powerful experience to help develop confidence, empathy, self esteem, interpersonal skills, and anxiety and stress reduction, all which are crucial for the world we live in.

Elizabeth Price, Supervisor
Health & Physical Education

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