GCTM State Math Team Tournaments 2020-Get Ready!

The GCTM State Mathematics Tournament is an invitation-only math tournament that takes place in Macon on the last Saturday in April each year. Invited high schools are asked to bring a single four-person team. Individuals are also sometimes invited to compete in consideration for the Georgia ARML team. Check with your math teacher for participation!

Invitations are based on results from math tournaments around the state.  Any high school Varsity-level tournament may be a suitable State Math Tournament qualifying tournament, as long as results are submitted and the tournament takes place on or before March 31 each academic year.

The State Math Tournament consists of three rounds: a written test, individual ciphering, and, for the first time, a team round. The winning individuals are determined by the sum of the participant’s written test score and ciphering score. The winning teams are determined by the sum of the four individual scores plus the team round. Trophies are awarded to the top 15 individuals and the top 5 teams. The top team in each GHSA classification and in GISA that is not already in the top 5 also earns a trophy. Also awarded is the Steve Sigur Award for most improved individual performance over the previous year.

2019 Cobb Team Placings

2nd Place Division A: Walton HS

4th Place Division A: Wheeler HS

9th Place Individual Division A: Russell Emerine, Walton HS

11th Place Individual Division A: Raymond Jiang, Wheeler HS

12th Place Individual Division A: Daniel Shu, Walton HS

2018 Cobb Team Placings

2nd Place Division A: Walton HS

Team: Russell Emerine (pictured) placed 7th, Daniel Shu placed 8th, Jayson Wu placed 14th, and Kevin Wu (pictured)

3rd Place Division A: Kennesaw Mountain HS

2017 Cobb Team Placings

1st Place Division A: Walton HS

2nd Place Overall: Lassiter HS

4th Place Overall : Kennesaw Mt. HS

2017 Cobb Individual Placings

1st Place: Daniel Chubtook, Kennesaw Mt. HS

9th Place: Sean Engelstad, Kennesaw Mt. HS

Congratulations to our superior math students and thank you for representing Cobb County!

Michelle Mikes, Supervisor


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