Cobb County High Schoolers Go to Work

Cobb County High Schoolers Go to Work – While Going Back to School

(Left to Right) Campbell seniors Tanya Garcia and Samantha Hadi; Sprayberry High School senior Nikki Giovani works at the Delta Community Branch on Johnson Ferry Road; and McEachern High School senior Amani Riggs works at the credit union’s Marietta (Dallas Highway) Branch.

In addition to fall classes, four Cobb County teens have also begun part-time jobs as professional bank tellers. As participants in Work-Based Learning programs at their respective schools, these high school seniors now are now employees in the Delta Community Credit Union High School Apprentice Program.

  • Amani Riggs, a senior at McEachern High School, works at Delta Community’s Marietta (Dallas Highway) Branch.
  • Samantha Hadi and Tanya Garcia from Campbell High School, work at the Credit Union’s Vinings Branch.
  • Nikki Govani, a senior at Sprayberry High School works at the Delta Community branch on Johnson Ferry Road.

The four Cobb students are among two dozen high school juniors and seniors throughout metro Atlanta who will spend this academic year as tellers in Delta Community Credit Union branches near their homes.

Campbell High School senior Samantha Hadi with Delta Community Vinings Branch Manager Kelly Copeland.

The 11th and 12th graders receive job training, career opportunities and competitive pay.

“By providing these students professional and financial literacy training, we’re helping prepare them for success long after high school graduation,” said Hank Halter, Delta Community CEO. “In return, Delta Community connects with bright, motivated young people who give valuable support to our front-line teams, resulting in even better service for our members.”

Apprentices are identified through Work-Based Learning programs at specific metro Atlanta schools. In 2018, the Georgia Association for Career and Technical Education recognized Delta Community’s High School Apprentice Program as Business Partner of the Year for its support of Work-Based Learning in both Cobb County and Fayette County.

Thirteen of the 24 students enrolled in Delta Community’s 2019 High School Apprentice Program underwent weeks of (paid) training at the credit union’s Vinings Campus.

Since Delta Community launched its apprentice program in 2006, more than 150 high school juniors and seniors have participated. Many remain employed by Delta Community after graduation on a full-time basis or part-time while attending college. They have also moved beyond their original teller jobs to work in departments such as retirement and investment services, lending, and regulatory compliance.

While the 2019 apprentice class is already in place, students interested in enrolling in the future should contact their high school’s Work-Based Learning Coordinator. Apprentices must undergo background checks and the same professional training as Delta Community’s adult tellers.

Jacquelina Brown, Supervisor
Career • Technology • Agriculture Education

Contributing Author: Sharon Renauld, Public Relations Manager for Delta Community Credit Union

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