Kindergarten Begins in June in CCSD

The Class of 2032 may have started school 7 weeks ago, but kindergarten students at Norton Park and Belmont Hills started kindergarten in June! 30+ students from each school community attended Early Kindergarten; an innovative and unique program designed to provide rising kindergarteners with the opportunity to start kindergarten early.



Early Kindergarten (Early K) served children ages 4 and 5 who live in the Belmont Hills and Norton Park attendance zone. Early K, a 6-week, full day program, is designed to provide rising kindergartners with the opportunity to engage in meaningful cognitive, social, and emotional learning experiences. The goals of Early K are as follows: Develop an early love for learning, provide an early introduction to kindergarten teaching and learning experiences, and build trust amongst families and the community. Each day students engaged in a variety of learning experiences. Daily lessons embedded Georgia kindergarten standards and early learning domains (i.e. cognitive development literacy & language, social emotional learning, approaches to play, fine motor development). In addition, students participated in daily small group instruction and thematically linked activities. Furthermore, teachers committed to daily read-aloud which are essential for building early learners’ language skills. To best personalize the learning experiences for students, a pre- and post- assessment were administered. Students were not the only beneficiaries. Families of Early K students participated in a mid-summer family workshop to learn about practical language rich strategies that can be used at home.

Please consider visiting #cobbearlylearning to learn more about the happenings in the CCSD Early Learning Department.

Dr. Ashley Kennedy, Supervisor
Early Learning

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