Moving Teachers Forward, Moving Writers Forward

The CCSD ELA Department launched their Fall Balanced Literacy Writing Series on August 22.

On August 22, the Cobb County School District ELA team launched part one of the Balanced Literacy Writing Series. This personalized, intentional, professional learning opportunity offers multiple strands to best fit teachers’ individual needs and to support their daily writing instruction.

The two-part series is grounded in the skills and concepts from district-acquired K-12 resources that directly align to Cobb Teaching and Learning ELA Standards.  During these sessions, facilitators model evidence-based practices to promote effective balanced literacy instruction.

More importantly, this series allows teachers to examine their current teaching practices and set goals to impact student learning engagement.

One teacher participant commented on the impact the professional learning had on her teaching: “The Balanced Literacy Writing Series has led me to make positive changes to enhance my writing instruction.”

Another participant went on to say, “It is fantastic to be given the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers across the district and see how they are running their Writer’s Workshops.”

Several teachers commented on the quality of instruction from CCSD facilitators. One elementary teacher noted, “The instructors have given me ideas to better organize myself, provide meaningful conferences, and give appropriate feedback to my students. I’m grateful that Cobb has so many wonderful and relevant professional learning opportunities.”

The series will continue throughout the fall and spring to support all teachers so that both students and teachers benefit, making it a win-win for the CCSD community.

Elizabeth Cobia, Supervisor
English Language Arts

Contributing Author: Marta Anderton, and Jen Shiers


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