Cobb Teacher Receives GAPHERD Award!

The Georgia Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance voted Merri “Judy” Young as this year’s Pathfinder recipient. The Pathfinder award is to honor members who have been or are pathfinders in advocating, recruiting, and enhancing opportunities for girls and women in sport and sport leadership. Judy had a stellar idea to design a women’s club which would allow female student athletes of all sports to participate in dynamic fun-filled activities and community service.

CWAC, (Campbell Womens Athletic Club) in which Judy is the charter sponsor, was formed to unite female athletes and the Campbell High School community for a greater purpose. CWAC aspires to create unity among female athletic groups at Campbell High School to serve the community, promote health and wellness, enable women empowerment, and to further develop female athletes as leaders. The Women Athletics Club supports the female athletic program at Campbell High School while serving the needs voiced by women athletes on various teams. The organization aims to build the character of Campbell female athletes and allow for collaboration among women sports within the athletic system. CWAC hopes to create a template to launch a Womens Athletic Club at other Cobb high schools by 2020.

Judy is a “Rockstar” teacher and coach in the Cobb County School District.  Judy Young currently serves as the Department Chair for Health and Physical Education at Campbell High School where she implements best practices for quality instruction. She is a member of the CHS guiding coalition, CHS leadership team, sponsor of CHS’s Student Advisory committee, coaches both Varsity volleyball and Varsity golf teams and is amember of theCobb County’s Teacher Leader Academy.

Judy’s passion, drive, motivation and humor are admired by all. Judy has played an integral part in shaping the minds of our young women through the development of their social and emotional learning.Judy enhanced opportunities for girls and women in sport and sport leadership and it’s indeed an honor to have Merri Judy Young as a recipient for the GAAPHERD’s Pathfinder Award.

Elizabeth Price, Supervisor
Health & Physical Education

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