Growing Science Teacher Leaders to Impact Change

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) recently announced the winners of the 2019 NSTA Teacher Awards program, which honors K–12 teachers, principals, professors and other science education professionals for their outstanding work and achievement in science education.

A diverse group of Cobb County science teachers came together this past week to discuss methods and ideas of teaching and leading in their community. These teachers are members of the 2019-2020 Cobb Teacher Leader Academy.  The Cobb Teacher Leader Academy (CTLA) builds teachers and/or academic coach leadership skills, K-12 content-area expertise, innovative instructional practices and effective professional learning design to impact student learning and achievement. It is a year-long program which works to expand leadership into the workplace and increase the impact of the participating educators. CLTA empowers teachers through its “Deeper Learning” institute which provides them with hands-on, engaging training on developing their voices so they can listen, learn, and lead from their position in the classroom. This opportunity and support helps teacher leaders innovate and transform teaching and learning.

After a day of training on teacher voice and self-worth,  the teachers came together and worked on the creation of legacy projects, a plan to help their school and community. They collaborated in groups to develop ideas to make each project better and more effective. These ideas ranged from helping underprivileged students be more involved in their academics to a program to make co-teaching more practical and useful.

The CTLA has helped empower teachers to find their voice as advocates and leaders. Teacher leaders are coming to the table as thoughtful and active problem solvers as they grow in their ability to listen to the concerns and ideas of others, learn from what is being shared, and collectively lead for positive change.

Be sure to follow the Cobb Science Department on Twitter (@cobbscience) to see students from throughout the district engaging in hands-on science.

Christian Cali, Supervisor

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