Special Education Parent Mentors Kick Off 2019-20 Programming

CCSD’s Special Education Parent Mentors draw on their personal experience to offer assistance and resources to parents.

Cobb parents seeking guidance, resources and training to assist them in navigating special education for their students can take advantage of the services offered by CCSD’s Special Education Parent Mentors Stacy Greene and Antoinette Nichols.

As parents of students with disabilities, Greene and Nichols happily lend a listening ear to parents and connect them to resources within the district and the community. They help build communication between parents and the schools, providing both the parent’s – and school’s – perspective at all times.

“We realize our ‘journey’ through special education may be different than that of the parents we work with, but sometimes just knowing someone else can relate to your concerns is comforting,” said Nichols. “We can support parents by just talking with them or providing them with resources.”

Along with fielding phone calls, emails and consults with parents, the mentors will host a variety of parent workshops and special events throughout the 2019-20 school year to include monthly training opportunities during both morning and evening workshops.

“We’ve designed our trainings and special events specifically for parents of students with disabilities,” explained Greene. “We kicked off our year with a program titled ‘School Year Success’ to help our parents ensure a smooth start for their students, and we will continue to offer workshops on equally relevant topics like the IEP process, communication and independence.”

Highlighting the year’s programs will be the new Parents Engaging Parents (PEP) Talks series, the “Safety First” event at the Cobb County Safety Village, and the increasingly popular “Community Connections Resource Fair: Extracurricular Opportunities for Students with Disabilities” to include 50-plus vendors who will share their accessibility options with attendees.

Resources, event calendars and general information for parents can be found on the website Greene and Nichols maintain (www.cobbk12.org/specialeducationparentmentors); they also manage a Facebook page (Cobb Special Education Parents), utilizing it to share program information and community events.

Follow the Facebook page for updates on programming, and look for email blasts of promotional flyers for programs that include registration information.

Stacy Greene & Antoinette Nichols

CCSD Special Education Parent Mentors
Phone:               770-529-0046

CCSD Website:  www.cobbk12.org/specialeducationparentmentors/
Facebook:  Cobb Special Education Parent Mentors

Authors: Stacy Greene and Antoinette Nichols, Special Education Parent Mentors


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