EL Russell Families Soar to the Summit

What do EL Russell students and parents have in common? All have a strong desire to climb mountains to reach academic and language success!

EL Russell students master language domains through science and social studies standards while parents take part in an accompanying program that helps them with their English and basic computer skills.

Russell Elementary School’s Summit After-School Program and Parent Literacy Program provide EL students with opportunities to improve their English skills through an ELA/content-based language program, Summit K12, and promote literacy development and school involvement of parents.

Twice a month, thirty ELs who are in second, third, fourth, and fifth grades attend the extended day language program from 2:45 to 5:45 and are engaged in standards-based reading, grammar, and writing skills through science and social studies topics.  These English learners get a variety of opportunities to use and strengthen their language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and build upon their academic vocabulary through our unique, customized extended day language tutoring program.

What is special about Russell’s extended day language program is that while students are growing in the program, 15 parents are doing the same through the Parent Literacy Program.  The Parent Literacy Program has two main components.  One is to provide parents the opportunity to listen, speak, read, and write in English with the help of Summit K12, 5 ESOL teachers as well as Dual Language Immersion teachers, and other instructional resources.   Using the Summit Foundations lessons, which are available in English and several other languages, parents have the opportunity to become familiar with lessons their child is learning.  In addition, the extended day language program curriculum includes additional interactive activities, lessons in conversational English, group presentation activities, make and take lessons, and activities that incorporate and value cultural backgrounds.

The second component exposes parents to a range of computer literacy skills through use of Summit K12 and for 30 minutes, parents learn computer basics and how to utilize critical programs and websites dealing with their child (i.e. ParentVUE, Cobb Digital Library, Remind 101, etc.).

Russell’s extended day language program for ELs and their parents may be in its inception, but it is already showing much promise in addressing the needs of Russell ELs and their families.  We are very excited to reach English language goals with our Russell student and parent mountaineers!

Dr. Mae Wlazlinski, Supervisor
ESOL / Title III

Contributing Authors: Dr. Arleen Folorunsho and Danielle Harper

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