Hollydale Elementary Schools Celebrates Books to Kids

On Thursday, October 3, Hollydale Elementary School students were flooded with books from CBS46’s “Books to Kids” initiative.

CBS46 teams with the Georgia Department of Education to place books in the hands of students to support reading on grade level by third grade, which is a priority of Superintendent Chris Ragsdale and the Cobb ELA Department.

600 students walked the red carpet to receive five books from the CBS46 team.  The Georgia State Cheerleaders were there to cheer on the students and support them in their love of reading.

Hollydale is the 12thMetro Area school to be a Books to Kids recipient, and the first in CCSD. In total, Hollydale students received 1395 books to support independent reading at home and school.  “The biggest book I’ve ever read was like 400 pages,” third-grader Zach Abufarha said.

These books will help support the CCSD ELA Departments’ commitment to 20 minutes of daily independent reading to support reading and success in the later grades.

Elizabeth Cobia, Supervisor
English Language Arts

Contributing Authors: Marta Anderton and Jen Shiers


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