Sprayberry High School Voter Registration Drive

A special education teacher at Sprayberry, Anne Thomas, had a vision for a student voter registration drive at Sprayberry High School this year. She presented her idea to the principal, Sara Griffin, who thought it was a great idea and asked the library media specialist, Paula Axford, to help coordinate. Paula reached out to the Social Studies Department Chair, Tanya Lancee, as well as to the library media community and the Cobb County Office of Elections and Voter Registration to help with details. The Cobb County Office of Elections and Voter Registration reported that each high school has a deputy registrar and all registrations can be done online.

Recently a group of community volunteers helped with student voter registration. One of the autism classes decked out the table with patriotic decorations and posted signs calling Sprayberry students to action to register. Twenty-seven students were registered as new voters! The students were incredibly receptive to the cause and very excited to take this rite of passage. Their excitement was contagious and they were proud to share that they are now registered voters.

Students need to be 17 and a half years old, have their Georgia driver’s license or Georgia official I.D., and the last four digits of their social security number. As this was such a success at Sprayberry, the school has decided to host voter registration on the first Friday of every month to capture any students who reach the age requirement since the last drive.

Sprayberry is educating their students on their civil privileges. Furthermore, they are making this rite of passage within easy reach for their students. They are preparing them for their adult lives as active U.S. and Cobb voting citizens.

Holly Frilot, Supervisor
Library Media Education

Contributing Author: Paula Axford, Library Media Specialist at Sprayberry High School

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