Designing Professional Learning for 8,500 Teachers

Have you ever wondered what Cobb teachers do on those days designated as Professional Learning?

Read below for more details about what happens as the teachers participate in their Professional Learning on those district days students are out of school.

Cobb consists of teachers with various academic years of experience teaching grades Pre-K through 12 to students whom of course have a variety of needs themselves. The professional learning days are designed to provide training to all teachers in specific content areas. Needs are determined by surveys asking the teachers about their interest, looking at classroom walk data, administrator requests, supervisor requests, partnering with local universities and local and national speakers. The learning days are focused on Learning Engagement and Deeper Learning in a conference-style format.

Teachers new to the profession with 0-3 years of experience have specialized strands that focus on areas that will aid them as a new teacher such as time management, flexible seating and grouping of students, instructional technology tools, formative assessment, and classroom management.

With so many teachers, Cobb operates 16 buildings to host the teachers on these days – many of them focusing on one content area such as Specialized Instruction for Special Education teachers, Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts and Reading, World Languages, Health & Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Career Technical and Adult Education (CTAE), Gifted and Talent Development (Target), English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Counselors, Library Media, and K-5 Engagement.

Many of the teachers who have been through the Cobb Teacher Leader Academy or those with various Coaching Endorsements exhibit their leadership by instructing one of over 850 sessions offered on professional learning days.

How do the teachers know what is being offered with so many sessions? Cobb uses an app called Attendee Hub by Cvent which allows teachers to filter sessions based on location, content, new teacher strands, and other interest areas.

Now you will understand what your teachers are learning when students are out of school.

Dawn Hudson, Supervisor
Professional Learning, Instruction & Innovative Practice

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