Phonics through the Lens of ELs at Austell Elementary

Kindergarten EL students showcase their phonics skills during ESOL instructional walks.

The ESOL/Title III Department supports schools throughout the district by conducting instructional walks to gain insight on how to best provide meaningful ESOL-specific strategies to support the Early Literacy Framework.  The ESOL/Title III Consultants conducted an instructional walk at Austell Elementary and observed classrooms with a high level of engagement and rigor to support the development of English Language Proficiency (ELP).

Blending fingers, stretchy snake, and Slinkys were used to support EL students in identifying beginning, middle and end sounds.  Also used were student-lead literacy centers to build independence and foster collaboration. To enrich academic vocabulary and discourse, teachers used synonym word wall.

Overall, during phonics instruction, ELs at Austell Elementary are well supported in culturally inclusive learning environments. The abundance of ESOL-specific strategies allows for students to feel comfortable taking risks while increasing content and language proficiency.

Dr. Mae Wlazlinski, Supervisor
ESOL / Title III

Contributing Authors: Dr. Camelle Simmons

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