Talking Numbers with Number Talks

Dr. Sherry Parrish, author of Number Talks, worked with Title I Math coaches to build confidence in coaching on this impactful practice. Number talks produce flexible thinkers with strong conceptual understandings.

Imagine walking into a classroom where our students know their teachers care SO much more about their mathematical thinking than about the “right answer.” Where students are creative mathematicians who can find their own paths to a solution rather than blindly following a set of steps or rules, where they are flexible thinkers who can find more than one way towards a solution. Our students are on their way to becoming expert communicators, who can follow the mathematical thinking of their peers, question, critique, and ultimately learn from one another.  That is what we are building in Cobb County Schools using Number Talks. These brief solution-oriented discussions have become a routine part of classroom practice in our schools.

On September 19, 2019, Cobb County Title I Math Coaches participated in a math workshop facilitated by nationally renowned math expert and author of Number Talks, Sherry Parrish. Parrish spent the day modeling Number Talks with students in various grade levels. She also modeled how to coach teachers through a number talks strategy.

Coaches left with a better understanding of how to implement number talks with fidelity and how to fully support number talks in their respective buildings.  Students, teachers and coaches alike learned together that making mistakes and taking risks can and does lead to success.


Vinita Prasad
Title I District Academic Coach – Math K-12

Contributing Author: Ashley Powell, Title I District Academic Coach – Math K-12

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