Where Do You Go Camping?

Turning Classrooms into Campsites

Kemp Elementary’ s awesome Special Needs Preschool Teacher Julie Schultz along with her paraprofessionals Sharon Ingram and Nicole Calma, Jennifer King, Speech Language Pathologist, Meagan Taylor, SLP intern for the semester, Ilene Hodges, Occupational Therapist, and Megann Tuck, Physical Therapist spent the week with the students camping in their classroom.

The students “popped” up some tents, made some yummy gooey, S’mores and roasted some delicious  marshmallows over a “campfire along with a host of several other engaging learning fun!”

The activities that our campers participated in  during the week were:  making firefly prints, reading stories by flashlight by the campfire, making and discussing a camping/tent scene,  answering questions about camping on the Smart Board, listening to fun camping songs, making a fire print using their hands, putting together an Owl for art, structured play/pretend play with toy camping equipment & toy s’mores kit, a pajama day and pretending to roast marshmallows over a pretend campfire, story time in the tent and making real s’mores for Friday Snack!

During these fun activities, the children were increasing their preacademic skills by naming vocabulary associated with camping, categorizing things you see/hear in your house vs. camping, sorting pets vs. forest animals, and story sequencing. Students also had the opportunity to work on communication skills through  recalling and retelling personal experiences related to camping,

The learning targets for Camping Week are Science and Communication, Language and Literacy.  In the area of Science, students learned about how to  investigate and ask questions about the properties of water using adult and child-directed activities, ask questions/show curiosity about objects in the sky and describes appropriate day time and night time activities, observe and explore a variety of animals and plants and their environments and life cycles, participate in efforts to protect the environment, describe properties of water, including changes to the states of water, explores and begins to describe properties of rocks, soil, sand, and mud, use appropriate vocabulary to discuss climate and changes in weather and understand that people have an impact on the environment and participates in efforts to protect the environment.  In the area of Communication, Language and Literacy, students workied on listening and responding to conversations and group discussions, listening to and following multi-step directions with support, listening and understanding new vocabulary from activities, stories, and books, answering questions about a story, demonstrating understanding of more complex vocabulary through everyday conversations, connecting new vocabulary from activities, stories, and/or books with prior experiences and conversations, prior to reading, uses prior knowledge, story title, and pictures to make predictions about story content and making real-world connections between stories and real-life experiences.

Jackie Turner, Supervisor
Special Education – Preschool

Contributing Author: Julie Schultz, SN-PreK, Kemp Elementary School

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