Belmont Hills English Learners are Riding High on their Literacy Success!

Students in Kindergarten ESOL program are having fun while learning word families.

English learners had lots of opportunities to participate in many engaging hands-on activities with their ESOL teacher.

The ESOL/Title III Department had the opportunity to observe kindergarten English learners engaged in purposeful ESOL activities with ESOL teacher, Dr. Amelia Cain.

During the ESOL consultants and Title I coach’s visit, Dr. Cain provided background information and research to support the “why” behind her strategic planning for students on multiple English language proficiency levels. By studying the phonemic rules of the students’ first language, the teacher was able to establish strategies that connected with their background knowledge.

Dr. Cain’s plans for the day included practice with consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words. Students used whiteboards to color code the consonants and vowels, while practicing the oral production of the combined sounds. Students saw and touched everyday objects whose names followed the short vowel CVC pattern like hat, yam, mat and pat as they practiced the pronunciation of the short /a/ sound. The look of accomplishment on the students’ faces were priceless.

The lesson continued with another strategy:  Dr. Cain would say a word, the students listened and used a write, slide, and read method to create new words.

During the short time we spent in Dr. Cain’s class, we saw enthusiasm and enjoyment in the faces of students, who became very excited after finding out that they could take the activity home and practice with their families.

Dr. Mae Wlazlinski, Supervisor
ESOL / Title III

Contributing Authors: Dr. Arleen Folorunsho

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