Escape Room-Style Breakout at Frey ES!

There is always a variety of engaging activities and lessons happening in the Library Learning Commons at Frey. The students and teachers really love coming for a Breakout EDU lesson with the library media specialist, Mrs. Sherman! These lessons put students in an “escape room” mindset. Students are usually timed to complete a task or list of activities in order to “breakout” or complete the lesson.

In the Library Learning Commons, students have completed breakouts that include helping Pete the Cat find his lost buttons (1st grade), trying to escape ancient Greece (4th grade ELA), locating the teacher’s classroom keys to escape for summer vacation (variety of grade levels), and determining the true meaning of a growth mindset (5th grade). Not only do Breakout EDU tasks promote critical and analytical thinking, but they also encourage teamwork and collaborative approaches to problem-solving.

Frey students frequently ask Mrs. Sherman, “when are we going to do another breakout?!” Mrs. Sherman loves that students are ready to apply pre-existing knowledge to such an engaging method of teaching!

Holly Frilot, Supervisor
Library Media Education

Contributing Author: Ashley Sherman, Library Media Specialist at Frey Elementary

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