The Power of the Read-Aloud, at Any Age

The Cobb ELA Department is committed to powerful read-alouds for K-12 students to support reading comprehension and fluency.

If we’re lucky adults, we can reach back in our childhood memories and freeze-frame a time when someone read to us. Perhaps it was our mother reading to us after school in a rocking chair with a snack, or an older sibling, uncle, or aunt who reserved special time to spend with just us and a good book. Maybe it was a teacher who knew the importance of pausing for one, peaceful moment in a hectic school day to explore the power of the written word. As Lester Laminack, celebrated author and educator, says, “when a teacher reads aloud, it is a bonding between the teacher, the children, the books, and the act of reading,” and we tend to remember those times as sacred.

The Cobb ELA Department is committed to Lester Laminack’s vision of the world where teachers read aloud to students.  celebrate a few of the many CCSD educators and administrators who are taking the time to share reading with students and with each other.

To see more Cobb readers in action, follow us on Twitter at @CobbELA #lovetoreadhere #leadtheread.

Elizabeth Cobia, Supervisor
English Language Arts

Contributing Authors: Marta Anderton


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