The Fair Oaks Way

Fair Oaks has found the best ways to meet the needs of their diverse group of learners by providing ongoing hands-on training for their teachers.

Long before students began classes at Fair Oaks Elementary for the 2020 school year, Principal Dean Yoder spent his summer days combing through the school’s data looking for the best ways to meet the diverse needs of all the students.  As an ESOL-certified educator, Mr. Yoder realized the benefits of understanding the complexities of learning language and content simultaneously.  Simply put, it is no easy task, and Mr. Yoder knew that the strategies he learned in the ESOL classes should be shared with all of the teachers to add to their toolbox.

After meeting with the ESOL/Title III Department, a plan to provide on-going, evidence-based strategies aimed at increasing language proficiencies and content knowledge was established.  Mr. Yoder proposed that his teachers be part a weekly morning, hands-on, professional learning aimed at helping teachers learn the best ways to support all of their students.

Every Friday morning at 7:15 a.m., Fair Oaks teachers are actively part of learning how to implement the strategies of the Sheltered Instructional Observational Protocol (SIOP) provided by the ESOL Department’s Dr. Sean Bagley.  The SIOP strategies help teachers understand the best ways to meet the students’ needs and to effectively determine their skills and knowledge.

Each brief lesson provides an overview with specifics on how to best serve the students from such diverse backgrounds.  The SIOP principles are based on the idea that the standards drive whatteachers do, but the students drive how we do it.

Thanks to the great leadership at Fair Oaks, each week the teachers find at least one more way to reach their students.

Dr. Mae Wlazlinski, Supervisor
ESOL / Title III

Contributing Authors: Dr. Camelle Simmons and Dr. Sean Bagley

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