Imagine Learning with your Parents

Parents of English Learners shadows students’ experience using school resources.

Parents of English learners were given the opportunity to participate in a workshop geared especially to Mableton Elementary School parents of English learners (ELs). Using Imagine Learning at home and school gives students added practice in language development. This resource allows students to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing in a fun and nurturing environment.

Parents’ involvement during the workshop reassured facilitators that they will be prepared to assist students at home. The encouragement and acknowledgement parents can provide will not only motivate but also entice students to teach and communicate in English with confidence to others at home and school.

Because of Mableton’s success with the use of Imagine Learning, they expanded usage to ELs of all grade levels. Students now have the opportunity to use a challenging, fun and interactive software to increase English proficiency.

Imagine Learning generates data to show students’ progress and time spent engaged in learning. Teachers monitor the data and provide support based on data retrieved from students’ work within the system.

A big thanks to the stakeholders at Mableton, Kim Adkins, Joelann Giran, Sarah Rahim, Kylie Williams and Gisela Esobedo, along with the Imagine Learning presenters, Alegra Goulbourne and Rodney Hall. ESOL consultant Jeffrey Chandler, and Mableton EL parents who attended the hands-on workshop.

Dr. Mae Wlazlinski, Supervisor
ESOL / Title III

Contributing Authors: Dr. Arleen Folorunsho and Jeffrey Chandler

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