Keeping It Real

PreK students keeping it “Real” with their “Down on the Farm” literacy unit Lewis PreK students making Real-World connections.

Kim Pair and Sharon Darby’s Special Needs PreK class at Lewis Elementary completed their “Down on the Farm Unit” in September. Our students enjoyed listening to several farm-themed stories including: “I Know A Wee Piggy”, “Duck on a Bike”, “Stuck in the Mud” and “The Big Red Barn.”   Students enjoyed several farm-themed activities such as rolling their “pigs” outside in the mud, washing plastic farm animals in soapy water in our sensory table, and using our *Stem building kits to build a barn, tractor, and other structures.  *The classes were awarded an impact grant last year from the Atlanta Braves Foundation that allowed us to purchase the wonderful Stem Building kits for our students.

Learning targets included: “The students will demonstrate knowledge related to living things and their environments.” “The students will observe, explore, and describe a variety of animals.” “The students will make real-world connections between stories and real-life experiences.”

Some of the Essential Questions  answered during the farm-themed unit included: What are some animals that live on a farm? What does a farmer do? How do farmers take care of the animals that live on their farm? Which animals have feathers/fur?

The culminating activity was getting to participate in an in-school field trip: “A Mobile Petting Farm.” Students had such a great time getting to see and pet the farm animals we had been reading and learning about.  By participating in this in-school field trip, they were able to make a “real-world” connection to some of the characters in our farm-themed stories.

Jackie Turner, Supervisor
Special Education – Preschool

Contributing Author: Kim Pair, SN-PreK, Lewis Elementary School

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