Making Friends Around the World

Where would you go if you could study in another country?

Harrison High School welcomed exchanged students from France to a life changing academic and cultural experience. French students lived firsthand the experience of taking classes in an American school and living at home with our students.

Harrison High School has joined our Cobb County High schools participating in international student exchanges.  Cobb County high schools currently have active student exchanges with France and Germany. For this year’s exchange, students of upper level French courses under the direction of their French language teacher, Madame McDonald, welcomed nine exchange students from Lycée Fabert in France.  Lycée Fabert’s students spent four weeks attending classes in various content areas and shadowing Harrison’s students in their classes. In addition to experience academic life on an American high school, French students were able to experience the life in an American household. Selected Harrison students hosted the visiting French students at their homes where they were able to experience the culture, food, and extracurricular activities of our Harrison students and their families.

On the pending second part of this exchange, Harrison students will have the opportunity to have a similar experience in France.  The group of Harrison students who hosted our visiting French group will head over to the region of Nancy-Metz in France and experience the school life at Lycée Fabert.  Harrison students will experience the academic life at the French school where they will receive classroom instruction in French in various content area classes. Similarly, Harrison students will experience the culture and home life with their hosting family.

International student exchanges have been a life changing experience for students around the world for generations. It allows a firsthand experience with the culture and the language of some of the main countries connected with the United States in education, trade, commerce, and the workforce. In addition to having a unique experience, these exchanges provide a competitive advantage for students and contribute to their preparation as global citizens.

For more information about Lycée Farbert, please click here.

Germán Suárez,  Supervisor
World Languages

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