Immigrant Stories Shared with Magnet Students





Global migration is integral to international studies

Since 2006, the School for International Studies Magnet Program at North Cobb High School has been utilizing global curriculum, cultural programming, and travel to bring the world to its students.  For the first time, a magnet-wide assembly was arranged so that members of the community could share their stories about the migration that brought them to the United States.  Beginning in AP Human Geography, continuing with AP World/American History and finishing with AP Comparative Government, issues related to global migration are central to their international studies coursework.

Nine people from various parts of metro-Atlanta were excited to share their stories with North Cobb’s magnet students.  Topics covered included catalysts for leaving their home country, details of their journey (including obstacles along the way), and their ability to succeed in the United States after their arrival.  Stories from those who left Cuba after the Communist Revolution, Iran after the overthrow of the Shah, and Germany after World War II were fascinating and an amazing enrichment of the magnet curriculum.  Immigrants from Colombia, Honduras, Malaysia, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, and Uzbekistan shared their migration stories as well.

Andrew Kutscher, Supervisor
K-12 Advanced Learning

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