Geography Skills are in High Demand in the 21st Century

Cobb Teacher take the Lead with GIS

What is GIS? A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer-based system that lets students visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships and patterns. A broad array of industries use GIS – including business, defense, government, health services, natural resource management, and more. GIS skills are in high demand in the burgeoning information economy and easily make geography the most relevant, interdisciplinary subject in the 21st century.

Cobb teachers participated in the annual Cobb County GIS Day last month where they showcased the great work being done in our schools.  Ashley Melville, Professional Learning Specialist for K-12 Social Studies and Wes Ellis, AP Human Geography teacher at Hillgrove High School, lead a session for civic and community leaders on how GIS is being taught and used in social studies classes.  The Cobb Social Studies Department offers training to teachers each year through the Cobb’s Innovation Academies.

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Trudy Delhey, Supervisor
Social Studies

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