Rich Language and Literacy Experiences Matter

Encourage Young Readers and Writers Often.

Young children thrive when given the opportunity to experience rich reading, writing, and language experiences with their families and teachers. Language and literacy development for a young child includes understanding and using a variety of language, emergent literacy, and early writing. Cobb County School District is committed to facilitating daily experiences which promote rich literacy and language experiences. These experiences impact the way young children see themselves as readers and writers.

Cobb County Pre-K-2ndgrade students engage in daily activities to promote language and literacy development. Some of those activities include daily read-alouds, vocabulary acquisition activities, and interactive and shared writing experiences. Language and literacy are fundamental factors that support the healthy development of young children. As the Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students (GEEARS) states “Brains are built, not born”. Families play a key role in building their child’s. Engage your child in the following activities to promote language and literacy development and an early love for learning.

Early Reading & Writing Development:

  • Retell or draw a picture about a familiar story.
  • Before reading, use story titles and pictures to make predictions about a story.
  • Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story and label the picture.

Language Development:

  • List the steps for making a bed or getting ready in the morning and follow them.
  • Talk about the end of a story. Tell how the story could end in a different way.
  • Locate rhyming words in a book and say them aloud (e.g. rug/hug, pad/mad, fun/bun).


Dr. Ashley Kennedy, Supervisor
Early Learning

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