Pebblebrook, Working Together towards a Common Goal

What do all schools in Cobb County School District have in common? Pebblebrook teachers roll-up their sleeves for cross-curricular ESOL collaboration.

Stakeholders at Pebblebrook High School have been continuously working to develop a systematic way of providing academic and language supports to engage English Learners (ELs) in content courses.  During a recent professional learning session, elements of the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) were introduced and analyzed as a means of determining how to make content material more comprehensible for ELs.  This strategic ESOL support will continue to highlight additional SIOP components throughout the school year.

Teachers participated in activities to apply elements such as building background, comprehensible input, and interaction while focusing on increased engagement for ELs as they learn content standards and develop English language proficiency.

The ESOL/Title III Department offered SIOP resources specific to subject areas along with multiple strategies to address identified needs. Teachers also participated in activities to build knowledge about the resources and how to incorporate these elements into their daily lesson planning.

Pebblebrook’s strong group of teachers are planning with purpose and have great expertise to instruct and guide not only their EL students, but their entire student body. Look out, Pebblebrook is driven to succeed!

Tiffany Honoré, Director
Title I

Delores Thompson, Supervisor
Title I

Natalie Hutchins, Supervisor
Engage I

Contributing Author: Dr. Arleen Folorunsho

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