Welcoming New Students

Student Leaders Trained in Special Role. School counselors and students are going the extra mile to ensure new students feel welcome to their school.

Imagine being the new kid in your class and not knowing what to expect at your new school.  For most of us, this is a scary thought and stressful reality for many students.  The school counselors at Hendricks Elementary School created the Welcome Team to lessen this anxiety for their new students, and simultaneously develop leadership skills in students.

School counselor, Ayiesha Scott, shared that their goal of the Welcome Team is to help new students adjust to being at a new school.  She and her co-counselor, Breana O’Shea, conduct a training with the Welcome Team, a group of students chosen for their abilities to treat others with kindness and respect. Each classroom has two members of the Welcome Team, so no matter which class the new student is placed in, there will be someone there excited to greet them.

When a new student arrives, the Welcome Team members will meet the student at the classroom door and say, “Welcome to Hendricks Elementary School.  My name is ____; I am so happy that you are going to be in our class. What is your name?”  Before the new student gets to the classroom, the Welcome Team member has already had the entire class sign a “We Are Glad You Are Here” card, which goes home with the student on their first day of school.  Additionally, the Welcome Team member is the new student’s buddy for lunch, recess, and specials.  They help introduce the student to other students and take them on a tour of their new school.

Alexandra Huguelet, Consultant
School Counseling

Contributing Author: Ayiesha Scott, School Counselor

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