Hip Hip Hooray! It’s The 100th Day!

100 days of Learning at Norton Park.

Happy 100th day from Mrs Shanon’s and Mrs. Wallace’s Pre-k! We had fun completing 2 STEM activities, counting out 100 snacks counting to 100 in different ways, coloring hats, and turning into 100 year olds.

On Friday, January 17th, students in Mrs. Shanon and Mrs. Wallace’s SNP class at Norton Park Elementary, celebrated the 100th day of school class.

Students engaged in math, science, art, and motor activities involving the number 100. The students worked on 2 STEM projects: building a structure out of 100 LEGOS and creating something using 100 pattern blocks by working collaboratively to complete these tasks.

The students also practiced their fine motor skills by coloring 100th day of school hats and counting 100 small pieces of food to make a 100th day of school snack. To work on gross motor skills students engaged in multiple dances and movement songs that counted to 100.

Jackie Turner, Supervisor
Special Education – Preschool

Contributing Author: Shanon Bourne, SN-PreK, Norton Park Elementary School

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