Argument Driven Inquiry at Work

7th grade students analyzing and interpreting data? 7th grade students developing claims and finding evidence to support it? 7th grade students engaging in evidence-based argumentation among their peers? Absolutely!!

Smitha 7th grade science teachers dared to jump into unfamiliar ADI instruction relinquishing “sit and get” instruction. Students were encouraged to analyze and interpret data and use that data to create a claim. After developing the evidence-based claim, they engaged in productive argumentation taking the opportunity to use others’ evidence to strengthen their own claim or even change it.

Argument-Driven Inquiry is a rich resource for students to engage in 3-D science.  It implements effective use of phenomenon, many cross-cutting concepts, and science and engineering practices especially developing arguments based on evidence.

As students explored the content, they applied the engineering practices and developed cross cutting thought processes, all of which strengthened learning and retention.  ADI creates a safe space for thinking and exploring without being wrong. The most crucial element of ADI is creating a claim with sufficient evidence to support it.

The teachers were concerned about charting into unfamiliar territory, but they triumphed because students thrived.  To see students’ rich discussions, arguments based on evidence, and development of understanding of the standards was definitely empowering!  Kudos to the science teachers at Smitha Middle School!!

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Johanna Clark-Melton
Title I District Academic Coach – Science

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