Kindergarten Math Fluency Initiative

Using math assessment to build automaticity with math facts.

The MFI Initiative uses assessment in Kindergarten to improve knowledge and automaticity with math facts. Teachers can use the data from these assessments to target areas in need of improvement for each individual student.

This year, three elementary schools in the Cobb County School District are participating in the Kindergarten Math Fluency Initiative (MFI) which focuses on building math accuracy and automaticity for addition and subtraction facts 0-5. Students and teachers are able to follow the familiar process they used for the Early Literacy Initiative while also using the improved Enhanced CTLS Assess! Each assessment is utilized to inform the teacher’s instructional practices. The Math Fluency Initiative (MFI) has proven to be a successful venture for our participating 3rd grade students and we look forward to seeing progress in Kindergarten.

Deborah Marker, Supervisor – High School

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