LSGA Honors Their Community Heroes

Lindley Sixth Grade Academy’s 2020 Martin Luther King Humanitarian Awards.

LSGA spent Valentine’s Day honoring their student and staff humanitarian leaders. They honored leaders in the community at large as well.

February is a month filled with celebration. You can find media outlets, community organizations and school’s highlighting and honoring historic members of society as they celebrate Black History Month. It is a great time to uplift and remember all the great accomplishments of so many brave and brilliant men and women in America History.  

February is also known as love month. Red, white and pink can be seen everywhere as we honor those we love with our hearts. Well Lindley Sixth Grade Academy did an amazing job of combining everything February has to offer in one impactful ceremony. On February 14, 2020, LSGA students, faculty and administration decked out in red and black as they honored those that have made a difference in their community.  

Dr. Magee and her staff honored Community members, students, and staff members for various community service projects they lead in the Mableton area.   

Community Recipients 

Mr. George Huff
Ms. Betty Munford
Mr. Vernon Sermons 

Student Recipients 

Harmony Lynn Blankenship
Emily Gervacio
Shamya L. Jackson
Consuela Lazo 

Staff Recipients 

Ms. Robbin Barnes
Mrs. Yamile Mojica Rivera
Roxanne Mungin 

The honorees were surprised when their families and friends stepped out to greet them as they received their rewards.  

Dr. Ashley Hosey gave a riveting talk telling everyone how to be the hero our community needs. Teachers and students sang together, and a group of students recited Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream Speech,” in their native languages. Several community partners and CCSD district members gathered to witness this great ceremony. 


Wendy Torres
Title I District Academic Coach – Social Studies

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