The 2020–2021 New Teacher Academy – A Real Virtual Experience!

Engage. Educate. Empower.

Teaching and Learning are going virtual in the Cobb County School District.

The Academic Division of the Cobb County School District hosted its first virtual New Teacher Academy (NTA)!  Every year, NTA has been held in person at various school sites around the county.  Around this time in July, Supervisors excitedly prepare for all new teachers to attend their respective sessions.  While NTA is virtual, this year’s excitement is no different.  Day One began with Dr Ashley Kennedy, Director of Instruction and Innovative Practice opening the morning session with a warm welcome to all new teachers.  Jennifer Lawson Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Tracie Doe, Assistant Superintendent of Support and Specialized Services, and Kelly Metcalfe inspired and motivated new teachers with a message of embracing change and learning together in this new environment.

Dr. Ashley Kennedy, Director Instruction and Innovative Practice; Teachers learning while social distanced @ East Side ES

Throughout the day, Supervisors and teachers embraced their new classrooms.  Day One: The Cobb Commitment Sessions were led by content-area Supervisors who found unique ways to build new relationships and connections with content-area teachers. Supervisors posed engaging questions and shared personal stories that engendered thoughtful conversations about making instruction meaningful, values-based, challenging, and active.

Elizabeth Price, Health & Physical Education Supervisor; Arthur Oneill, CTAE Supervisor; Elizabeth Cobia, English Language Arts Supervisor; Christian Cali, Science Supervisor

The excitement extended to social media as Twitter buzzed with #CobbNTA2020. Day One ended with as teachers and leaders sharing their enthusiasm for the new school year.  Cobb County New Teacher Academy may have looked different, but the joy of teaching was palpable.

In the words of our Chief Academic Officer, Jennifer Lawson: “We may be virtual, but we are no less passionate about welcoming and supporting these amazing professionals to our team!!! Together, we WILL be the difference this year!”

Search for on Twitter to see the buzz we created for New Teacher Academy on social media.

Stephanie Sanders, Supervisor
Professional Learning, Instruction & Innovative Practice

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