The Virtual World Language Classroom

Engaging students through virtual language classrooms!

World Language teachers engage students and provide instructional support during digital learning with interactive Bitmoji classrooms.

The dedication of Cobb teachers and staff is unmatched! It has been amazing to see how much our teachers have done to continue providing high quality education to our students during these challenging times.  March 13th marked our last day of what we knew as our regular classroom, and since that day our Cobb team switched gears to provide full digital learning for all students.  As educators, providing a supportive learning classroom environment is one of the main areas we plan for.  This was completely different than what were used to, but our teachers quickly started to implement the creation of their “Digital Classrooms” using Bitmoji.

Using Bitmoji to generate look-alike avatars, World Language teachers built virtual classrooms that provide a familiar classroom-look space for students.  In these virtual classrooms, students can interact with and access the resources they needed for their lessons in a fun and engaging way.  From some of their basic resources like class syllabus and online textbooks, to videos and audio aligned to their lessons, virtual wall posters, collaborative tools, virtual libraries; their online classroom provides students access to a rich academic, language, and cultural educational experience.

Although we will not continue fully digital for long, the tools and resources our teachers have created will certainly continue to be part of the creative and engaging language classroom.  Here are some examples of how our teachers have incorporated virtual classrooms.

Germán Suárez, Supervisor
World Languages

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