Lassiter Chorus sings an innovative National Anthem

Lassiter Chorus continues a long-standing tradition of singing the National Anthem at the Braves game!

The chorus at Lassiter High School wanted to figure out a way to continue a long-standing tradition of singing the National Anthem at Braves games. With the help of their director, Chelsea Green, this tradition continued in a new and innovative way!

Each year, Lassiter Chorus sings the National Anthem at an Atlanta Braves game. Due to the pandemic, director Chelsea Green decided to switch it up and complete a virtual choir performance of the Star-Spangled Banner! The students have been working diligently on this project since August, and everyone involved is extremely excited to share this virtual product.

The video includes students from all the choirs in Lassiter chorus! Some students elected to submit audio only which is why there are less videos than total number of participants. Lassiter had 137 students participate in the virtual choir and have 156 students enrolled in chorus this year.

Chelsea Green began rehearsing the piece with students the second week of school. Singing together on Zoom is impossible because of lag time. Therefore, students sang along with Ms. Green while they were on mute.  She also created daily practice videos where she taught the piece for each voice part. Students could access these videos on CTLS during and outside of class. Students new to Lassiter Chorus learned the entire piece virtually!

Students had an assignment before making their video where they had to upload a picture of their recording space. Some were extremely innovative!

Chelsea Green used two applications to put this together, and it took a grand total of about 65 hours to make using Garageband and Final Cut Pro.

The video aired at Truist Park for the game Wednesday, September 22, 2020. For most students, this was their first time completing a virtual choir performance. Although the amount of time needed to produce a finished and polished virtual piece is daunting, the finished product is wonderful!

Star Spangled Banner Performance

Dr. Joseph Woodruff, Supervisor
Performing Arts – Choral Music / Theatre / Dance

Contributing Author and Photos: Chelsea Green, Lassiter High School

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