Recent Wheeler Grad Wins National Contest

Ashton Cordisco, from Wheeler High School, wins “Stuck at Prom” Duck Brand Duct Tape Challenge.

Recent Wheeler graduate, Ashton Cordisco, made the most of his time in quarantine this past Spring.  He used his love of fashion design to create a tuxedo, which in and of itself is pretty amazing, but Ashton took it to the next level by creating it entirely out of duct tape.  Using 27 rolls of tape, his understanding of art history and a passion for design he made a wearable masterpiece that earned him a $10,000 scholarship.  He entered the work in Duck Brand duct tape’s national design competition “Stuck At Prom” and his entry stuck out among 355 other contestants to take home the grand prize.

Dr. Lisa Casey had the privilege of teaching Ashton when he attended elementary school at Sedalia Park and again at the high school level at Wheeler High School.  She loved getting daily updates on his tux progress and as soon as she saw the first pieces he completed, she knew he was on to something amazing!  It had been a privilege to see him grow as an artist over the years and to know that he kept the same love and excitement for art that was established at a young age.  Ashton embodies what art makes possible.

After his big win he created a flower bouquet as a thank you gift to Dr. Casey and of course it was made of duct tape! His note is something she will always cherish and serves as a daily reminder to let others know how much you appreciate them.  She knows there are teachers across the county right now working harder than ever that are so encouraged by the kind words often received from students, parents, and administrators.

Cobb students and teachers are so fortunate to be a part of a school district that supports quality art education. Ashton continues to promote the arts in Cobb.  He will be a guest speaker in Dr. Casey’s drawing and painting classes.  He plans to talk about his winning tux, what art as done for him as a student, his future plans as he prepares to attend SCAD and his clothing line-Primary Ruler, a company he created that has been producing original clothing for the past couple of years. He has been featured on local radio, television, newspaper and national social media outlets.  You can read about him currently in the latest edition of Cobb Life Magazine.

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Laura LaQuaglia, Supervisor
Visual Arts

Contributing Author: Dr. Lisa Casey

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