Community Based Instruction Moves Online

When taking students into the community isn’t possible, community based skills instruction gets creative.

Even though students are beginning to phase into schools, community based skills instruction still isn’t practical for health and safety reasons. In order to provide this research based instructional tool, the CCSD Community Based Skills Manager developed lessons that can be implemented in the classroom.

Community Based Instruction (CBI) is a research driven practice that helps students with disabilities incorporate academic skills into the community. CBI improves students’ independent living skills and community participation skills. Cobb County School District students with disabilities that participate in most low-incidence classes have several opportunities to experience CBI each year. In order to ensure the health and safety of Cobb students this year, teachers have not had the opportunity to take students into the community for CBI. Instead, CBI, like other forms of instruction, has moved online. The Community Based Skills Training (CBST) Manager, Lori Taylor, has developed remote CBI for teachers to implement with their students. Mrs. Taylor has developed monthly CBI lessons that correspond to a monthly theme.

The theme for September’s CBI was Manners in the Community.  Students watched videos about good manners in the community, were guided in discussions about manners for different types of businesses, and role play for different scenarios in the community.  In October, students will get to learn about different places within the community that can students can turn to for help. In addition to the CBI lessons, Mrs. Taylor has shared resources for Virtual CBIs that teachers can use to reinforce their lessons.

Brenda Carter, Director
Special Education

Contributing Author: Kristin Pewitt – Coordinator, Special Student Services / Lori Taylor – Community Based Skills Training Manager,  Special Student Services / Jenny Moore – Special Education Teacher, Kennesaw Mountain High School

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