Cobb Middle School Student is Finalist in Broadcom MASTERS

The Society for Science & the Public recently announced the 30 Broadcom MASTERS finalists for 2020.

Broadcom MASTERS is a STEM-focused competition that aims to inspire and recognize middle school students with a passion for STEM. Finalists are selected from across the U.S. to participate in a rigorous competition, in which they will compete for various awards and cash prizes.

We are very excited to announce that one of Cobb County’s own, Abhijeet Ghosh has been selected as a Broadcom MASTERS finalist. A sixth-grade student at Dodgen Middle school, Abhijeet was recognized for his project on how AI and robotics can be used to recycle waste appropriately and efficiently. Abhijeet believes that recycling is very important, yet often isn’t utilized to its fullest potential. He states, “I have seen that people are not careful enough to put waste in the correct type of bin.” Instead of relying on individuals to recycle, Abhijeet aimed to solve this problem by creating a way for all waste to be sorted after being thrown away. He states that it would be much more convenient to have one intelligent waste bin that sorts all waste for you.

With this in mind, Abhijeet combined his knowledge of computer programming and robotics to create a bin that appropriately sorts all waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. After much testing, Ghosh found that his robot had correctly classified 90 items out of the 104 used. While this is very impressive in itself, Abhijeet already has ideas on how to further improve the robot’s accuracy.

Abhijeet will move on to compete in the virtual Broadcom MASTERS competition, which will be held on October 16 through October 21. Congratulations Abhijeet!

Christian Cali, Supervisor

Contributing Author: Alana Davis, Professional Learning Specialist

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