Osborne JROTC Raider Team Soars to New Heights

Competing as One Brings Success.

The Osborne JROTC Raider team has overcome unique obstacles to learn that hard work and commitment to a single purpose do pay off in the end.

The Osborne High School JROTC Raider Competition Team was well on its way to competing for a sixth-straight state championship last spring. The team had dominant performances in late January and early February that underscored their intense commitment to preparation and a unique belief in competing as one unit. Then, March 13th hit with a fury. The decision to shutter schools in response to growing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic ended the team’s season. The cancellation of the state championship meant the journey for Osborne’s sixth championship would be put on hold indefinitely. The most devastating outcome of the decision to close was the Osborne Raider Competition team would not be able to train and compete as one.

The advent of the new school year did nothing to reduce the uncertainty surrounding the Raider Competition season. The Raider Competition, or “Raider” as it is more commonly known, is a very popular athletic contest in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) and is the equivalent of the Army ROTC “Ranger” competition.  Raider events test individual strength and endurance with push-ups, sit-ups, tire drag events, and a team distance running event that is similar to cross country. JROTC specific skills such as engineering and design, displayed in a rope-bridge construction event, and field first-aid skills during emergency simulations round out the competition program. Despite no assurance the Raider season would happen, the team voted unanimously during the summer to continue training independently. The elements of discipline and perseverance instilled in the JROTC classroom served the cadets well in their preparation. Unit commander and team coach, Chief Rodney Fagan, could not hold his pride as he described the team’s commitment as stellar. “As a coach, it is a pleasure to witness the leadership displayed by our seniors and the resiliency of the team as they continued to work hard through all the uncertainty,” Chief Fagan said. “I always preach to students and athletes to never quit, never give up, always finish what you start.”

The Osborne Raider team has become the epitome of the mantra that hard work pays off. The team is riding an undefeated streak in October and is currently tied for first place in the region. A decision by the 6th Army Command to cancel this year’s state championship amid continued uncertainty about the fluctuating COVID curve has put the pursuit of the sixth championship on hold, but the team has amassed enough points to compete at the national championships in February 2021 if travel is deemed safe. Regardless of the potential to compete nationally, the Osborne Raider team is excited about the opportunity to continue competing as one.

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Arthur O’Neill, Supervisor
Career • Technology • Agriculture Education

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