Virtual Summer School is a Success

Veteran High School Credit Recovery Team were Pioneers in the Synchronous and Asynchronous Virtual Model of Instruction in Summer School.

Even with the Virtual challenge of providing a personalized blended learning model for summer school, 101 Cobb High School students successfully passed their credit recovery courses in June. The credit recovery program integrated both the online GradPoint asynchronous (students work at their own pace) program with a synchronous (teaching in real time) virtual learning platform taught by some of Cobb’s finest teachers.

The Cobb High School Summer Credit Recovery program has had a history of success in the blended learning face to face (FTF) model, so this Spring when the times demanded an all virtual approach, our veteran teachers were confident with this new challenge.  This was a 10-day program: M-Th from 9-3 during June 15-30, 2020.  A general virtual orientation was provided for parents, teachers and students followed by a smaller virtual teacher-student orientation the week before in preparation of the first day of class.

Virtual Credit Recovery staff collaborating to share best practices and preparing for instruction for the next day: Kyle Bowen (Social Studies), Andri Cooke (Administrator), Randall Hill (Math), Nina Hollis (Science), Mandy Mooney (Counselor), Amanda Morton (Math), Shawhan Proctor (Science), Erin Talley (Math), Oksana Tsymbalov (ESOL), Almeada Walker (ELA) and Melissa Worthy (ELA).

Both students and parents were very complimentary of the virtual experience as reported by the survey results.  The significant common factor for these 101 students’ successful completion of their courses was the team of caring and competent summer school educators committed to providing the quality instruction and support that each of their students needed and deserved.  This dedicated team of educators were resolved and determined to ensure that every student had the optimum experience for success.  While the new Virtual model was a great success for students who are independent learners and enjoy working at their own pace, the FTF model is better suited for those who need additional support.  Providing both Virtual and FTF models in Summer 2021 to best meet the needs of every Cobb student is a priority of the Assessment and Personalized Learning department.

Cheryl Crooks, Supervisor
Assessment and Personalized Learning -Targeted Support

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